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   We hope to encourage and facilitate foreign language learning among the minority communities of the USA.

   We will provide a center in which one can immerse themselves in their target language. We will hold special activities throughout the year to teach the community about international cultures; how they live, view education, conduct business and more. We will pair mentors of different backgrounds to encourage continual language study, and help with real-world application. We will also award scholarships to students for study abroad and/or language majors or minors in higher education.

MLBA in Osaka

Founding President::

Kiana Christie(林雅欣) has studied foreign languages for her whole life, to the surprise of many. Due to low turnout of other Black students in her French, Chinese and Japanese classes, she began to look for ways to make language learning the new "it" thing in the minority community. She looks forward to our bright multilingual future.

Multilingual Black American Foundation